Dork -n
  1. a stupid or incompetent person
  2. a penis

Alpine start at Pinkham Notch Lodge, NH
My name is Tom Mrotek.

I like to get outside.

I like to get outside and do stuff under my own power.

I like to get outside and do stuff that at times seems to have no point.

I like to have an adventure.

I like to laugh and not take things too seriously.

Sometimes I take stuff too seriously and then I laugh at myself for doing so.

This blog follows me while I go climbing, bike touring, skiing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, running, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and exploring.  While doing that, I try to convey the joys, humor and mishaps that come with such activities.  My only intention with this is to encourage the reader to get outside and see what they're capable of.  If at the end of reading something here you exclaim to yourself, "Wow, if this skinny, dorky, goofy, awkward guy can do this, just think of what I can accomplish..." then I have succeeded.

My writing and photography is a continuous work in progress.  Hopefully it is progress towards improvement, but I'll let you decide.  I honestly welcome feedback if you have any for me.  If there's something you think I'm consistently missing or not doing justice, let me know and I'll try to photograph it or describe it more completely.  If you think there's too many goat photos or lame inside jokes, you can tell me that too.  Or if you figure my writing is awkward and childish and my photos are blurry and overexposed and that the best solution would be to give up while I'm behind, that's probably helpful advice too.  I'll just cry myself to sleep in my cramped, smelly tent while commiserating with my imaginary travel companion.  So you'll have that on your conscience.