So, either by accident or design, you have made it to my page regarding hats.  As of 2015, I have begun sewing hats made of reclaimed materials.  At first it was a project to make a cycling hat for myself and soon thereafter friends began asking them as well (and I still have plenty of requests to fulfill).  I wanted to offer a few details here regarding the hats that I couldn't fit on a hangtag.

My hats are a four panel design, styled after a classic cycling cap profile.  I designed my own patterns by making numerous test hats until the fit was finalized.  I have four different sizes that will accommodate most any adult.  Eventually you will see a sizing chart here with crown measurements.
  • The body of the hat is made from reclaimed wool.  What does that mean?  Much of it is from disassembled garments selected for their unique patterns and colors.  Sometimes, uncut fabric found at estate sales might work itself into the mix however no exterior fabric has been bought outright new from a store.  Use what's already out there.  Currently I am concentrating on 100% wool material or wool/synthetic blends if it's in a truly distinctive look.  All of the material has been washed warm to intentionally felt it a bit and "preshrink" it a little.  Of course you should still only wash these hats in cold water and dry them lying flat.
  • The reinforcement in the brim is made from recycled plastic for durability and weatherproofness.  This plastic comes from a variety of sources but mostly food and liquid containers. Yogurt, whipped topping & cheese tubs, detergent & window washing fluid bottles and thick drink cups have all been used so far.  I wash them thoroughly before use in the hats.  Flat brims are made from recycled flat plastic.
  • The inner hat band is made from new polyester twill tape.  Hopefully I can eventually find something with recyled content.
  • The elastic and thread are new.

All hats are stitched in Chapel Hill, NC.  If you would like a hat of your own please contact me directly at tfmrotek at gmail dot com and we'll work something out.  I have access to dozens (hundreds?) of different patterns and colors of material so we can come up with something personal and unique.  You can also find my hats for sale by the fine folks at the below retailers:

Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro, NC
Vaguely Reminiscent in Durham, NC
Outdoor ReGear in Albuquerque, NM

If you have purchased one of my hats and have feedback for me, please feel free to share it in the comments below or email me directly.  Thanks!

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  1. Hey! Beautiful hats!!! Are you still making/selling these? Regards, Claudio