The following companies are gracious enough to support my activities detailed herein. They are among the finest manufacturers in the outdoor and biking industries. I would like to sincerely thank them for their contributions:

Princeton Tec builds headlamps, bike lights and other assorted lighting products for rough outdoor use.  As an added bonus, they have been manufacturing this stuff in New Jersey for almost forty years.  Unless you are one of those folks who doesn't like New Jersey.  They've been manufacturing in the USA for almost forty years!  That's better.

Outdoor Research creates a cornucopia of softgoods for just about anything that you want to do outside.  By softgoods I mean jackets, pants, shirts, hats, gloves, mittens, gaiters, etc.  They also make bomber stuff sacks that carry well on a bike or packraft or dogsled.  Outdoor Research continues to domestically produce hats and gloves for military use at their Seattle headquarters.  The production happens onsite.  Not the military maneuvers.

LOWA Boots produces a variety of boots and shoes for just about any environment or activity.  They are among the longest lasting and best fitting boots made.  Also, all of their products (except for their trail running shoes I believe) are made in Europe with exceptional care.  If you're shopping for boots and notice that LOWA comes at a slight premium, trust me that they are worth it.  Or just buy the cheaper brand, wear them out, buy another cheap pair, wear them out, and then arrive at the conclusion that you should have just bought the LOWAs in the first place.

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