Saturday, March 26, 2011

The light somewhere around the tunnel

This is the view that I have been confronted with day in and day out for the past several weeks. While the color palette is fairly non-offensive it is also fairly non-exciting. Quite a bit of my time has been spent remodeling my parents' basement with little time spent out in the sunshine. Not that there's been much of that anyway. The other day I watched a wicked hailstorm with golfball sized stones. Little did I know that elsewhere this same storm was delivering a tornado only a couple of miles away.

I have been able to get out for some short rides here and there either to go to the grocer's or to rent a movie. The bike is still terrific but I know that there will be a bit of a break in period when I start hauling a trailer!

I plan to travel to State College on April fourth and spend a week there finalizing my equipment. No word about finalizing my plans. Ha ha! Then on the eleventh, Eric Durante and I will ride down to Seneca Rocks in WV where I will climb for as long as I can find someone to climb with. Anyone is encouraged to join me there. From there it is anyone's guess as to where I head next.

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