Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blast from the past

Hot damn.  I am working part time at West Arete Computing as does my friend, Eric.  He is in the process of learning new computer programming techniques.  Most of his time is spent working with textbooks and creating new webpages himself.  Looking to spice things up a little bit, Eric somehow remembered that I created a crappy website about 8 years ago that I used to do writeups of our various climbing trips.

 The page began as some assignment for a Penn State computing class where I had to post my resume and a picture on a site hosted by the university.  That was a pretty lame page as you could imagine.  So I decided to start making a whole site and forced myself to learn basic, basic html.  This kept my friends and I amused for a while.  That is until yours truly dropped out of school and Penn State stopped hosting my site faster than you can say "Penn State stopped hosting Tom's site".  During the academic void in my life (which continues to this day), I didn't think about the web site at all.

That is until today.  Eric had me dig up the old files for the site and threw them up on the web again. He wants to alter my site as a project of sorts to learn more about web development.  At the very least Eric can look at my shoddy work and have an example of what NOT to do.  Though he may end up making some stylistic changes, the writing is and will continue to be mine.  It's like a goddamn time capsule since I haven't seen this for the better part of a decade.  It's pretty funny too because although I don't climb with all of the same people or in the same places, some things don't change.  My stupid sense of humor.  Getting into trouble with Eric and Jeff.  Enough of this, just go check out

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