Sunday, October 16, 2011

Days 1 & 2: Westward the wagons!

My friend, Eric Durante, and I are taking a ~700 mile bike tour through Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and Maryland using as much rail-trail as possible.  This ride also benefits Our Children's Center Montessori school in State College, PA.  For more details on the ride or how you can donate, see here.

Friday night after work, Tom rode his bicycle over to Eric's house.  It was dark the entire time he was riding.  When he finally got there, Eric, his wife, Meghann and his dog, Toby were there to meet him.
They all ate burritos for dinner.  Eric and Tom probably at 6 each because they knew they would need it the next day!  Then they set to making sure they had everything they would need.
Toby was sad to see Tom and Eric go.  He wanted to go with them on their adventure.  Toby doesn't know how to ride a bike yet.
On Saturday morning it was cold outside and very windy!  Tom (left) and Eric (right) were still happy to get started on the trip!  
Eric and Tom rode for a long time that day.  There were big mountains to ride up and over.  The wind kept blowing in their faces and slowing them down.  At one point, the wind even blew Tom over!  It turned into night and Tom and Eric kept riding.
Eventually, they got to Ebensburg and guess who lives there?  Sergio Drayton's grandparents!  They were really nice and fed Eric and Tom and let them sleep there.  They also got to hang out with Sergio.  In the morning, they said goodbye and started riding again.
Sunday was much warmer and less windy.  Eric and Tom were a lot happier.  They rode on the Ghost Town Trail.  These were the only ghosts they saw that day.  Last time Tom rode here, he saw two black bears!
All day, they got to see many beautiful things: lakes, trees with bright leaves, chipmunks, and the sunset.  Eric and Tom also met many nice people.  The people asked them where they were going and wished them luck!  They have been having lots of fun and can't wait to ride again the next day.  Now it is time for them to go to sleep in Greensburg.


  1. Sacha enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures. I think your writing style is spot-on.

    Good stuff!! Keep on goin'!

  2. Sergio loved it as well. He was pretty excited to see himself with TomTom and Eric. Thanks for everything!