Sunday, January 8, 2012

Against all I odds, I do eat food.

There is a widely held belief that I do not eat food.  This is probably fueled by me telling folks that I am on a hunger strike to bring the Berlin Wall down.  Regardless, I would like to dispel the myth.  I do eat food, it just has little or no effect on me.
The best part of waking up.
Since the winter weather patterns are entirely screwed up (it probably has something to do with all of those nukes the Soviets are stockpiling), yesterday turned out to be a 50 degree day.  Since skiing was out, Eric and I decided to go on a long bike ride.  We took our time and spent the majority of the day out there on quiet back roads.  Further adding to our relaxed pace, we stopped at a couple of eateries along the way.  All told, the ride ended up being about 75 miles.
This shouldn't be legal.  Even in America.

I took a picture of the crumbs for dramatic effect.  We ate those too.
What I consumed for the day:

2 cups of tea
1 large bowl of oatmeal with honey & raisins
1 handful of prunes
1 cup of coffee
3 apple cider donuts from Way Fruit Farm
1 Pepsi
1/2 of a lunch tray of fries from Spruce Creek Tavern
1 more cup of tea
1/2 of a leftover artichoke & tomato pizza from Faccia Luna
Yet another cup of tea
1 more apple cider donut

In addition to this, we tried to go to the Spruce Creek Bakery to get some pie.  I was carrying peanut butter crackers, cheese, hummus and pita along with me on the ride for emergencies.  We also briefly considered riding to the Port Matilda Hotel with Eric's wife, Meghann, for yet more fries.

Yes, I was still hungry at the end of the day.

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