Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Right now my two friends and I are over five days and 270 miles into my first bike tour. It is going absolutely fantastic and I haven't sworn off the entire activity. So far we have had two encounters of note with some folks.

The first encounter was after our initial night which was spent camping at RB Winter state park. We were sitting around a picnic table already looking a bit in disarray when an older gentleman approached our table. He asked if he could make us some coffee or tea and we immediately accepted. He and his wife ended up also making us toast which they apparently serve with Cheez Wiz. I declined the condiment. The pair was from Newfoundland on a two month roadtrip of the mid Atlantic. They talked to us at length about different spots they should visit in PA and NY and places we should visit in Canada.

A couple of days later we were in some part of PA coal country in a town whose name I cannot remember. There we stopped at one of the worst gas stations ever. They didn't sell gas, they didnt have potable water, and their soda machines were sold out. After about a five minute stop, we prepared to resume riding. As Jeef just began to pedal his bike away an 80 year old couple came tearing up in the type of car 80 year olds drive. The man jumped out wearing no shoes and yelling "stop! stop!". Obviously we were a bit concerned but that was quickly dispelled. They explained that they were a family of bikers and had seen us ride by. They offered us dinner and a place to stay but unfortunately we still had about thirty miles to ride before we planned to stop. The woman had actually biked across the US at age 66! Overall they were very kind and encouraging.

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  1. Keep it up, guys. I hope all your encounter turn out so well.