Sunday, May 15, 2011

Handlebar cam success

I wanted to be able to take some pictures and video of my trip along the way to share the experience with those who couldn't (or just plain wouldn't) join me.  I didn't exactly want to buy a helmet camera- although they can be very nice, I didn't want the added expense or weight.  I hit upon the idea of using my iPod touch that I will already be carrying.  It shoots HD quality video and can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or whatever else I might want to do.

I was able to purchase a mounting attachment from a company called Ram Mounts that affixes the iPod to your handlebars.  The mount has a quick release feature and the device can be swiveled to several different positions. The issue for me was that the mount is intended for folks to be futzing with an iPod or iPhone so the mount holds the device close to the handlebars.  This is fine if the device is mounted upright- however a video shot from an iPod this way looks very tall and thin, so that's a little annoying.  If you have the device mounted sideways in order to get a landscape shot, the mount is too close to the bars and the handlebars obstruct the video.  So I created this really official aftermarket add on to hold the mount higher and further away using zip ties and some blue plastic tubing.  Oh yeah, that's classy!  Check out a resulting test video:

I posted the test video in a standard format, but I do have the ability to post them in high definition.


  1. Nice! Did your iPod get wet or do you have some case for it or something?

  2. For it to fit in the mount it can't be in a case. So I should really only use it when it isn't raining I guess.

  3. you've got some squeaky brakes there buddy