Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reality sinks in like the Titanic

My title is totally tongue in cheek of course- I am going to fail way quicker than the Titanic. It made it a thousand miles or so before it ruined people's lives. Ha ha. Actually I am quite excited to have nearly fully loaded my bike up and taken it for a quick spin! It almost makes me believe that this will work. The above picture shows the bike with nearly everything that I will be carrying. A set of approach shoes and food will also be riding in my rear bags. Where you see my helmet I will have a sleeping bag and pad strapped to the rear rack.

The bike is going to be certainly a little less responsive with sixty pounds of stuff on it. I saw that coming. Hopefully Freeze/Thaw can rig some training wheels on the bike so I don't totally yard sale. Also a parachute for long downhills will be handy cause the brakes are slightly slower now. Biggest news of all: it looks like my bike is leaning against my truck. It isn't. I figured out how to 'kickstand' my bike with the trailer. It totally looks like your bike is going to fall over the first time you try it, but you must believe!

p.s. The irony is not lost on me that I have my bike pictured with my truck as the backdrop. Downsizing, anyone?


  1. can you put a disc break in the front? it would be a damn impressive story if careening down a mtn road that you manage to endo the bike and need a helmet cam sponsor to take pics every so often while you ride...go-pro tom...i want to see this parachute in action

  2. This lady biked cross country with a rig like yours. She didn't have disc brakes or anything. Although, she did have a talking bike.