Monday, April 18, 2011

A new chapter

I may have said before that I sold my house in State College. I may have joked a bit that I am homeless. Well neither of those facts really hit home until right now. I just returned to an empty house from helping my parents move a few states away. I'm sitting in my childhood home and packing my stuff up for the last time. I may be feeling a little nostalgic but it isn't a feeling of homesickness tied to a specific place. Rather I no longer have a place that I identify as 'home'. That will take some getting used to. The closest thing that I have now is the back of a pickup or my tent.

I knew this day would come eventually and now it is here. As my friend Clay would tell me, "now there's nothing left to do but go riding.". As my less tactful climbing partners would say, "shut up pansy and get on with it!"

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