Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A cruel trick

I went out riding yesterday on a 35 odd mile ride in Rothrock State Forest. I wanted to clear my head but also see how my bike performed on gravel roads. The entire ride (save for the ride through town) was beautiful and quiet and serene. My serenity was somewhat disturbed after I had made the first of several 2-3 mile climbs. On a mountain bike you can FLY down these roads without a care. With a rigid touring bike, I felt the need to check my speed the entire way down to prevent blowing out a tire or bending a wheel rim on the stones, potholes, and washboard sections. Being denied the fun (and relief) of racing downhill was the only drawback of the day.


  1. eh those wheels are sturdier than you think. Just takes a little getting used to. Kind of like the obscene heat here in Houston.

    -Aaron "The Doctor" Regberg

  2. Doctor,

    You are very correct. I was out in Rothrock again yesterday and my bike rolled over much rougher stuff at a much faster rate. I guess I'm just a wuss. Just like you and the "obscene heat". Ha ha.